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These are our actual installations.  All equipment is installed level and in the best visual locations for each individual room.

Fireplace mounted TV's

This is an older TV installation that can pull away from the wall.  The mount used is called a cantilever mount.

When 1 TV just won't cut it.

This TV has a Sonos soundbar under it.  The soundbar takes whatever sound is played on the TV and lets you hear it louder and clearer.  You can also access hundreds of radio stations from across the globe from it.

This is an in-wall sub woofer for your audio system.  This can be substituted for the standard sub woofer for an additional fee at the time of wiring installation.

Round ceiling speakers that can be used for your surround system or Sonos audio system

Interactive alarm system

This type of alarm system gives you a connection to your home and the status of doors and windows, etc.   It will notify you via text if something is wrong as well.

This is a door lock that works with the interactive services for the alarm system


Inside View
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