Central Station



Our central station is located in 7,000 square-foot UL listed facility on central Long Island.  Other companies may use bulk account central stations that are located in another part of the country.  These places often substitute quality for quantity, and don't know the difference between Long Island and Staten Island.   


Upon an alarm condition, your alarm panel will trigger a telephone, radio or cellular call to central station. The alarm panel sends unique account data that identifies the type of alarm signal, the location of the alarm, and what to do in the event of that alarm. The Central Station then begins its process of contacting either the residence, police, fire department or other pre-determined contacts. This entire process is usually completed in under sixty seconds.

Each alarm signal tells the operator what type of alarm has been sent. The operator will know, for example, whether it was a fire alarm or burglar alarm. The operator can tell if it is the front, back or side and if it was upstairs, main floor or basement. 

Panic / Medical Alarms:

Panic and medical alarms are handled a little differently, depending on pre-programmed instructions.  If you have a panic alarm, the police may be notified immediately, and the siren may be programmed to be silent so that the intruder is unaware that the police are on their way.  If someone in your household has a medical condition, they will have specific instructions for your home, and exact medical condition that should be reported.

Notification Speed / Response Time :

When an alarm condition exists, every second counts. Within seconds of receiving an alarm signal, our operators are speed-dialing the premise and/or the local authorities. Our autodial technology allows us to make the appropriate contact without delay or any chance of a misdial. Numbers dialed are automatically logged into a computer history for later retrieval, and all operator activities and notifications are time and date stamped. The most advanced technology and the finest operators in the industry give us truly superior response time.

About Our Central Station:

Every operator receives regular, ongoing security training.  Initial job training and testing is done before New Employees enter the command center for supervised monitoring training.  All telephone conversations are recorded and monitored by supervisors 24 hours a day to insure that our operators are courteous, polite and professional with all customers.  We are the only contract Central Station on Long Island approved by the New York City Fire Department to monitor fire signals in New York City. 

Back Up Systems:
We have two fully-operational redundant Motorola computer systems, each with its own UPS. Our independent generators are always ready to activate in case of a power outage. It’s these multiple redundant systems that allow us to offer you the highest possible monitoring reliability.