All alarm systems should be tested to central station weekly.  Please follow these simple steps to ensure your alarm continues working properly.


1:   Call central station and give them your account number and secret password.  Tell them you are testing your system and how long you will need to test it. 

If you are a current Security & Safety Solutions customer, your account number is located on your bill, and the central station phone number you will use is:   (516) 938 - 9077

2:  Bypass any zones you need to bypass.

3:  Arm your alarm system.  Wait until system is fully armed.

4:   Open your windows and/or doors that you wish to test.  You may open more than one window or door, but try to open them from different zones in the house.  (ex: open the living room window and the second floor bedroom.)

5:  Let the alarm ring for a few seconds before disarming.  (Make sure the siren remains at a steady noise level.  If it does not, call your service company to test the voltages and battery in your alarm panel)

6:  Disarm your alarm system.

7:  Call your central station.  They will ask you again for your account number and secret password.

8:  Verify that the zones you sent are the same that they received.  Often the central station will have a listing of what the zones are named.

9:  Be sure to tell them you are done testing and to reactivate your account.