Installation questions


Have an idea of what to look for in an alarm company.  Here is a list  of questions that you should ask a presenting company before  considering an alarm system.  

 A good salesperson will know what the correct parts and methods of installation  are, or at least give you some idea as to the company represented.

The Company

1)   Is your company licensed to install alarms? ( NYS requires this by law) 

2)   Are you personally licensed to install alarms? 

3)   What is the license number?  When was the license issued? 

4)   How many years has your company been in the security business?
 With the same company name? 

5)   Where are you (or parent company) located?  Is the address a PO box?  Why?

6)   How many security system installations has your company performed? 

7)   If I have a question or a problem using my system, who will I speak with?
  How well will they know my system? 


The Installers / Servicemen

 1)   How long have they been with your company?

2)   How many installations have the technician(s) installing my system  

3)   Will you be using sub-contractors to install my security system?
  If the answer is NO, will they put that in writing? 

4)   How many technicians will perform the installation in my home? 

5)   Do they have access to ANY codes in my panel (including installer's codes)
 How many people have access to that same number?

 6) What are your service call rates?

The Equipment

1)   What types of sensors will you be using on my doors? windows? other   
 areas?     Why? Can I see this equipment?

2)   What brand of equipment do you use?
 How long have you used it? 

3)   Why do you use this equipment?  

4)   Do I own my security system 100%?
 If not, who does?  

5)   Where will you mount my Control Panel?   
 Why this location?    

The Installation

 1)   How long will the installation take? 

2)   What happens if the installation is not completed in this time frame? 

3)   What are the payments due before and at the time of installation? 

4)   What payment options do you accept?

The Central Station

 1)   Where is your Central Station located?

2)   Have you ever been there? 

3)   How many operators are on staff at the busiest times of day?

4)   How long am I locked into your Central Station Monitoring contract?  

5)   Please explain to me exactly what happens when my alarm goes off/activates?

6)   What happens if I accidentally activate the alarm (false alarm)? 

7)  What is my central station fee going to be? What exactly is included in this fee? (Phone line monitoring, Radio monitoring, service agreements?)

 The bottom line is that you want to feel comfortable with your sales person and the company. If you feel there is dishonesty from the sales person, then you should question the integrity of the company sending him to you. All of these questions are common knowledge and should be answered with no hesitation.