Napco keypad operation

 When light is solid green, this means that all protected windows and doors are closed, and the alarm is ready to turn on

When light is not green , this means that one or more zones are open. If you attempt to 

arm the system at this time, the keypad will beep and display Can’t Arm System , and the system will not arm. 

To determine what zone(s) are open, press the function button multiple times until it reads: “display status” For multiple zones it will scroll through.

To Bypass a zone, press the bypass button, then the number of the zone you wish to bypass. 

ALL zones are two digits!! (EX: zone 1 is 01). Once a zone is bypassed, the word bypass will display on the screen.

Once the system is ready to arm, the green light will be solid. 

To see the zones you bypassed, press the function key till it reads: “display bypassed” Press the prior or next buttons to view bypassed zones.

Basic Operation:

To arm:

1: Bypass any zones needed – press the interior button if you are staying in the house.

2: Make sure light is solid green.

3: Press the on/off button, OR enter your 4 digit code followed by the on/off button.

4: If leaving, exit within 30 seconds.

To disarm:

1: If entering, keypad will beep, noting 30 seconds to enter.

2: Press in your code followed by the on/off button. Beeping will stop.

If you make a mistake, STOP !!!  the keypad will lock up to prevent tampering.

Start over, pressing buttons carefully.

REMEMBER:  Test your system weekly to ensure proper operation.