Napco Time and Date

 To set your time and date on your keypad, you will need to determine which keypad is your # 1 keypad. 

If you only have 1 keypad, that is # 1

If you have multiple keypads, test each keypad by holding down the 1, 2 and 3 buttons at the same time for 1 second.  The keypad will then read : Keypad 0X (X being that keypad's number) out of system.   Repeat this procedure until you find Keypad 01 out of system.  The keypads will immediately return to normal.

The remainder of this procedure must be completed quickly.  If you pause too long, the system will reset and you will need to restart the procedure.  As always, it is a great idea to write down what you need to do before beginning.

Enter your user code followed by the function button.

Press function slowly and repeatedly until the screen reads  "ACTIVATE PROGRAM"

Press the On/Off button

The screen should now give you options followed by Y/N.   Choose NO  (from the top 2 right buttons) repeatedly until it says   Set time    Press YES  

Enter the current time in standard 12 hour format.  Ex:  0135  for 1:35

Enter 1 for a.m.  and 2 for p.m.

Press the on/off button to save your entry.

Press the NO button to set the date.  Enter current date.  Press the on/off button to save your entry.

Press the reset button to get back to the main screen.